Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Deepdown

There are places within us we are forbidden to see into. We may think we know ourselves, but there are realms within that forever belong to God and the things that happen there can't be looked at with mortal eyes, or thought of with mortal minds.

From that place—as you may hove noticed, I've coined the word the deepdown to describe it for myself—emanate the echoes of divinity which we are allowed to hear, if we listen carefully. And into that place—if we attend very specifically and very intimately—flow the results of the impressions that are returned to God.

It's possible to take impressions directly into the deepdown, but only with conscious participation; even then, it's a delicate thing to ingest life in this manner without forcing it. The impressions fall into the hidden places that touch on heaven; and heaven, knowing the effort it takes, reciprocates by way of increasing the inner rate of vibration. This is a fine kind of food which one isn't privileged to eat very often.

The returning of the impressions of life to God is a human being's most essential task; and to return them in the same degree as the sweetness of honey, with the same degree of dedication as the labors of the bee, is most rewarding. The deepdown waits for us to send it this nectar; we may think we are here to drink the nectar of God, but in fact the savor of this food of impressions lies strictly in the sensible reciprocity.

I've said many times that we are vessels into which the world flows. Perhaps I haven't emphasized enough that this process ought not flow passively; passive impressions can't flow into the deepdown, they are trapped at the surface of life and never reach the core of Being where God touches the world. This inner place, the deepdown, is the only place in a human being where God does touch the world, and this sacred point of contact is, in its entirety, the reason that Ibn Arabi named man as the vicegerent of divinity. God can't touch the world except through the living, breathing Being of intelligence, of man and woman; and unless a right inner relationship is formed, that contact is never able to manifest consciously.

So although we can't actually see the deepdown, we form a relationship with it. It lies behind the cloud of unknowing; and we have to extend the tendrils of our Being out into that darkness to form a thread that connects us.

Into this exact same piece of territory flows the sorrow of His Endlessness; and we cannot possibly come into this relationship without participating in that higher emotional work. So it is difficult. Very difficult.

No one should undertake an inner effort to understand this organically unless one is prepared to pay for it.  It is a work of many decades and never to be confused with anything other than suffering; for this is what it requires. Intentional suffering; for one has to have a wish to suffer. Not a masochistic wish; not an outer wish; not a visible wish. It is an inner wish.

And that path is most certainly not for everyone.

May your soul be filled with light.

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