Saturday, September 21, 2013

Making things bad, part 4 – letting life flow inward

Tibetan Mask, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China

We make things bad principally because we don't let the divine inflow act within us.

This part is blocked; and we don't even know it's blocked, because we are unaware of how it feels and the way that we ought to sense it. Perhaps we get touched lightly by it, but generally, it's a mystery.

Opening to Presence, to an Energy from a higher level, is the aim of inner work, because this is the only thing that can help us to choose the good. In end by ourselves, we don't have the capacity to do this; this is why all of the ancient sciences of inner life and all of the ancient religions teach man that he must turn towards God.

Modern scientists and atheists who claim that God doesn't exist are so far away from this understanding that it's pointless to argue with them. They are locked out of heaven, and our own efforts cannot bring them into it. But the man or the woman who forms a right relationship within themselves and enters into a right action in regard to the Higher will of themselves naturally manifest all of the qualities that are supposed to befit a human being in their action as a representative of God.

Secularism and humanism cannot possibly open a man to these values, because they know nothing of what it is to allow the divine to flow into a human being and melt all of the crystallized insanities that live within them. This idea of melting the crystallized insanities in human beings can't even be understood, philosophically, metaphysically, or otherwise, until one comes right up against one's own crystallized insanity and then sees that a force higher than oneself can melt it.

Throughout ancient literature, moments of this kind were called divine ecstasies. What was happening, technically, — this melting of crystallized insanity — was never fully explained. Instead, people have used a great deal of flowery language and rapturous description. But what was actually happening, in the end, was the melting and transformation of all the sinful qualities so that they faded away. 

When this happens, the only thing left is God. In any instance where crystallized insanities are destroyed by divine action, the Divine shines through, and human beings suddenly discover that life is completely different than they thought it was. The Sufis spent a great deal of time writing poetry to try and describe this, but perhaps they didn't put it in simple enough terms — that the entry of the divine is the melting of crystallized insanity — even though they alluded to it poetically many times.

This may seem like a rapturous or magical process, but it is scientific, natural, and flows from divine principles and laws that are inexorable and cannot be broken.

There are so many crystallized insanities, blocking so many of the channels that need to be opened in man, that this melting process has to happen many times, in varying strengths and degrees, in order for energy to flow into a human being more correctly.  All of the Tantric and yogic sciences attempt to explain this action. There aren't any quick fixes; and there are many who complete part of this process and think they are done. They actually represent a danger, because they think they have arrived somewhere.

Anyway, my point is that inner work is there to help you dissolve your crystallized insanities. Almost any strong conviction you have which causes you to be angry, obsessive, outraged, or too outward is attached, in one way or another, to these crystallized insanities, because they freeze up inner parts of the being that ought to be flowing fluidly and lock up the outward manifestations connected to them so that they are habitual and mechanical.

May your soul be filled with light.

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  1. Absolutely! BUT there have been many people claiming a relationship with GOD that seem a little insane. And the sufis don't get off scott free....staying under water for a v long time is not that interesting but sufis have seen this as a valuable thing to do...the truth is most of these practices are a bit weird...Isaih was good on this! 'Learn to do good, help the oppressed....' and don't worry about pranayama or sensing your left hand brother.


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