Friday, September 13, 2013

Love does not need to know

Sunrise, Hudson River, looking north towards the Tappan Zee from Tallman State Park, Sept. 9, 2013

A moment of understanding contains all the parts.

It's only this moment of humility and utter incomprehension that comprehends. It contains a stillness and an intimacy; the stillness of not knowing, and an intimacy conferred by proximity to this moment.

Into this moment comes God; not as a known presence, but as a sensate guide that indicates the existence of Love within this unknowing state of life.

Love does not need to know; it already knows and is complete within itself. The grasping that comes from all places is always a reaching backwards towards Love, from whence I came; and Love will itself never manifest this grasping, because it is already the source from which all desire arises and to which all desire wishes to return.

To become free of desire, then, would be to Love; because in complete freedom from desire, once all traces of desire have been expunged, the only quality left is Love.

And of course there is no sweeter sense than this sense of Love, this sensation rooted in the deepdown, the place where God touches me with His presence. I don't need to know any more than this than to know life and to know Love; and life and love are known in the unknowing, in the deepdown: not in thinking and the thought, but in feeling and felt. Feeling knows what thought can never know; only feeling has the capacity to connect with sensation and lead me into the flow of nectar that emanates from the heart of the divine.

So I embrace the unknown with a gentle passion; I become a lover not of things, but of Being itself, which owns me and all I am.

In this, I submit; for I'm helpless here--this is not a realm where I have any power.

May your soul be filled with light

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