Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Inner right action

On the heels of a post from some days back, I want to say a bit about the influences that assail us in this present day.

Because we are generally unaware of ourselves and unaware of our ability to receive a tiny portion of the Presence of God, we don't understand that there are many other objectively terrible influences that can affect us. This idea has fallen out of fashion, almost as though evil weren't a real thing. Fundamentalists and popular culture turn it into a cartoon; materialists very nearly dismiss it. Yet the reality is much darker than we can ever imagine. Think about Sandy Hook.

In general, there are many destructive influences that are attempting to manifest themselves through man, and we can see from the present state of affairs in society that many of them are ascendant. One doesn't have to be a specialist in metaphysics in order to understand that there is a steady deterioration in our inner understanding, and in the right action that ought to reflexively arise from it.

In order to go against this, one must stand upright within oneself and make every effort, constantly, to engage in inner right action. This involves insisting that one do many things within, inside oneself, that intentionally turn towards God, and away from the selfishness of ego. There are forces inside us, you see, almost limitless in terms of their energy, that want constantly to turn us towards our egoistic selves; we must confront these forces all day, every day, in every moment.

The instant that we become identified we mistake ourselves for these forces, believe that that is what we are. In that instant we become an agent of them. That is to say, all day long, there is a constant danger of becoming an active expression of egoism, instead of its opposite, which is what we ought to be. This is one of the "secret" inner meanings of becoming "passive," as Jeanne de Salzmann describes it.

The reason Gurdjieff said we must cultivate ourselves so that our non-desires prevail over our desires is because of this very point. Our inward qualities must point in a new direction; the inner landscape must become flat in regard to desire in order for us to begin to manifest anything that doesn't belong to us; what belongs to us is, relatively speaking, corrupted.

Perhaps we are not religious; and in any event, perhaps we truly don't know exactly why there are forces that want to destroy both ourselves and other people in us. But we do know they are there. Again, it doesn't take any metaphysics to illustrate this. Swedenborg, of course, was adamant in his description of these forces as agents of hell; and, whether metaphor or fact, this is good enough as a description. So even if you are an atheist, you'll have to choose between serving hell and heaven. The problem with atheism, if there is one, is that it presumes there is no difference between the two. 

This is exactly what the tyranny of the material brings us, and why it needs to be overthrown. There is a difference; and right action requires us to strive with every fiber of our being against these agencies of destruction that arise within us at all times. They are our desires, and our most essential states; and if we look at them rightly, we will discover how destructive and in fact horrifying they actually are. They are, furthermore, mindless — mechanical — and their destructive nature grinds things down relentlessly, a machine that will not stop —because it has no self-awareness. 

The involutionary force is like this; it goes down because that is the only direction it knows, and it does not need any help to go there.

May your soul be filled with light.

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