Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Humanity and God

There are subtleties about relationships with others that can't possibly be taken in unless one develops an organic sensitivity to one's inner life.

The action of relationship with the other in life is much more than just personal; it's a sacred action. That is to say, to encounter another person is not just a person encountering a person; rather, it is the action of God encountering Himself. There is a profound intimacy to it that lies beneath all of what we usually sense and see.

We speak of Love as belonging to us; for example, I love her, or she loves me; I love my child, or they love me. But Love belongs only to Love itself, and cannot belong to any other Being or property. 
Because Love is the highest principle, it exists unadulterated, eternal, and pure; we have the privilege of manifesting within it, but we cannot own it, and it never belongs to us. We are mere agents of expression.

Each action of meeting another person and interacting with them ought to be the deepest expression of this Love... and yet it isn't. We turn away; our nature turns Love against itself; and this is what the word sin ultimately means, although we have changed it so that it seems to mean many other things. Even the best of us — even the saints — suffer within this terrible condition, which cannot be cured by us. Only the action of a higher energy can change it, and yet we live perpetually believing that we are the agencies that can make that change.

It is important to bring every possible shred of Being to a moment with another person in order to try and see, with a penetrating intimacy, exactly how we are. This will not be a happy moment; but it is a necessary one. Because it is only by questioning our existence and action within the moment of relationship that we can begin to see this question with any greater clarity. Then, perhaps, we begin to see that life is what we drink and what we breathe; that it is the food that sustains us, and makes the action and manifestation of Love possible.

You may ask me here, then why are things so awful on this planet? How can any of this be true when love is manifested in such a degenerate way?... Why do people hate and kill each other?

This is so like us. Instead of loving, we doubt; instead of trusting, we fear. Our hearts are not open; and this particular opening is exactly what prevents us from entering the Spiritual cycle of life, in which the psyche, for the first time since its inception in the material, encounters the force of Love on a real basis, an organic basis, and not love acting within the constraints of material, desire, and power; all the lower forces which belong to the natural level of action. Love, too, has its levels; and it is the level of Love to which we submit that determines everything about our lives: what we are, who we are, how we are, why we are.

Regardless of the philosophical implications, it is hence necessary for us to very carefully see how we are with others. The intimacy of the moment of encounter is exactly what we need to be present to; it's true that we must begin with an inner relationship to ourselves, which is essential, but that must seamlessly progress to the relationship with the outer, with the other. If these two forces are not brought together in us, the heart cannot begin to open.

It's possible to reach a high level of intellectual understanding and practice without the heart opening. The reasons for this are, in some senses, complicated; yet perhaps it's possible to distill them down to a more specific and essential question.

Love, in its universal aspects, is a very expensive thing. It is not brought into the material world of Being except at great cost. In order to be valued by such tiny creatures as ourselves, it needs to be earned, not given; and although, in the end, it is given unconditionally and without end, it behooves us to meet that from the other side not just with rapture and thankfulness, but with sobriety and appreciation. We simply don't value what we don't pay for; everyone knows that.

There are many theories about what the crucifixion of Christ meant, metaphorically, symbolically, cosmologically; but perhaps it all boils down to one thing. 

This is what love costs, Christ was telling us.

And of course much more could be said about this, but not here, and not now.

May your soul be filled with light.

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