Sunday, September 8, 2013

A singular manifestation of the Dharma

In attempting to understand right action, one must first sense it in one's innermost Being... right action doesn't take place so much as emanate from us. It is a radiant energy that has the capacity to suffuse life.

This inner sense is a matter of an intimate sensation. It can't be left to the intellect, to ideas that circulate outside of the organic sensation of Being. In most of us, of course, that is exactly where it will be found — a subjective interpretation based on lists of facts. But this is not where right and wrong are located, in a rationalist set of deductions. These are essentially emotive qualities, belonging to another level of existence, and the confusion we see around us in the world arises from the fact that this is not understood in the least. Everyone understands with the mind; and it's the emotions—feelings—and the body that really need to come to our present understanding.

Here is the essential point:

Right action consists of seeing what is right in your heart and doing what is right from your heart, not doing things that are said on sheets of paper.

Human beings have become, on the whole, obsessed with things that are written down in things that are found on sheets of paper, to the point that they kill each other over them all the time. Religious fundamentalists specialize in this kind of activity, all of which is delusional—and sent to us straight from hell. Waving the Bible or the Koran around in the air as a sacred document contradicts everything those sacred texts are trying to teach. Governments and bureaucracies, systems of law and science, are equally guilty: everything revolves around sheets of paper instead of relationships.

We have the capacity to intuit what is true and what is right; it's a capacity that will never be replicated by machines, computers, formulas, or dogmas, because it emanates from a different level. One knows in one's heart and one's body what is right; and through the development of one's Being, one will naturally be repelled by the wrong, and attracted to the right.

Don't be fooled by ideas. There are too many of them; and they argue with one another. Life isn't an idea, it is a reality, and living through that experience without applying all the ideas provides an unassailable value. When we cut ourselves off from the intellectual arguments and rationalizations, and leave ourselves naked in the moment, we can discover a kind of exhilaration, in which we trust life, trust where we are, and perhaps even have a love for the truth of where we are... a love unadulterated by the extraneous.

A singular manifestation, one might say, of the Dharma.

May your soul be filled with light.

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