Saturday, August 24, 2013

The movement of the inward flow

 The inward flow of energy resists definitions.

 It can't be forced; and this isn't something one can think about or invoke. In fact, being told about it or given exercises to direct it may be quite useless. It arrives when it arrives; it is either there, or it isn't. One can come into relationship with it, but one can't tell it what to do. To force it is destructive; to submit to it is creative.

An opening to the inward flow of the divine source is under the law of a higher level. So seeking to come into relationship with it from the laws of this level is a mistake. One arrives within one's Being, from this level; one observes. Either the inward flow is present or it isn't. Sitting for three hours won't change anything if it's not present; what takes place takes place in one instant, or not at all.

This is a kind of food for Being, regulated by exactly what is necessary, as determined from a higher level. There is no need — and no use — to interfere with it. One simply need acknowledge and be present. Going deeper into this relationship may help; certainly, an attentiveness opens the inner Being to what is possible; but even then, the energy is what determines the possibilities, not me.

Eventually, the inward flow determines the alignment of life in every direction. It grows roots into all of the aspects of being, drawing them together into a single relationship. In this process, many things can be seen; one discovers many aspects of Being, not all of them — by any means — sacred or wonderful. One must experience and tolerate all of the aspects of Being in order to Be. This tolerance must, above all, be loving, which also means that it must be objective, or, unattached and basically free of the influences that are contained within the various parts.

The fluidity of this movement is apparent when one is within it; and when one isn't, one can only wait for its arrival. The impatience of the intellect and desire are evident in the wish to push towards this relationship, rather than allowing it to come and to enter.

One of the consequences of the movement of the inward flow is the arousal of many different kinds of vibrations. The temptation to categorize these or label them is always present; yet participating in their presence and mystery without doing that is possible. In fact, I don't need to categorize or label, and I don't need to manipulate; the participation alone is enough, and every instance of vibration is a reminder of the presence of God.

Life really doesn't mean anything else; it begins here. Everything else flows outward from it, and the reciprocal inward flow from outer life is simply the corresponding action, which becomes more natural as it acquires a greater relationship to the inner flow.

May your soul be filled with light.

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