Friday, July 5, 2013

The Language of the Lord

The word "language" is derived from the Latin word "lingua" for "tongue;" but perhaps more interestingly, it is definitely related to the Sanskrit word "Lingam," which has a wide variety of meanings, several of which relate to the assignment of meaning, and a number of which have generative associations; it is male, and most often represented by phallic objects in sculpture. So it has an association with the (traditional) male character of the Lord.

This character should not be interpreted within the narrow confines of sex (or sexism) in the way that modern society might understand it, but rather as an agent of penetration. The rich associative symbolism of the word language thus brings us, by turns, tongues, the assignment of meaning, maleness, penetration by a higher force.

This is merely a starting place for discourse. Language, in its higher sense, means any form of communication — and all of creation is thus, in reality, language.

 What is this language? It is the communication of the higher with the lower; it is the inward flow of a higher energy into material reality, creating an endless series of expressions, each one of which is perfect and unique in its own right. In the end, this communication cannot be understood using hierarchies or words; it exists in and of itself, and is whole.

 Consciousness is capable of receiving and comprehending the language of the Lord as a whole thing, which does not need words or concepts to explain it. Sensation itself; hearing itself, vision itself all create indelible impressions which, although they don't necessarily have definitions, are real and eternal. So we are constantly present to the real and eternal within our conscious Being. Consciousness itself receives and perceives this; it is not our education, our dogmas, or our formulas that speak the language of the Lord, but our Being.

 This may seem like a difficult concept to grasp, but it is as simple as seeing the wind in leaves. Any impression, if we abandon our form for a moment, becomes a rich language of itself, transcending the boundaries we create. It is as though there were two worlds: and although we inhabit both of these worlds, the worlds have two different skies. If I am habitual, mechanical, and not presence of the Lord, I live under one sky; if I live through my Being, I live under a completely different sky, which is exactly the same sky.

So there is one world with two skies; and they do not touch, even though they inhabit the same place. It is only through me that they can touch one another and know that they are both true.

May your soul be filled with light.

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