Friday, June 21, 2013

Accepting life graciously

Grace forms a center of gravity and us, insofar as it is given; and if we accept life graciously, it means that we accept life from within this center of gravity.

Life falls into us. Either there is a center of gravity to receive it, or there isn't. Anything that does not come into our center of gravity and encounter the spark of divinity which creates us does not really form much of an impression in us. The effect is for the most part superficial, and can lead nowhere.

I know of forces that can help my center of gravity, that would cause my impressions to be received more deeply; there are special names for them, such as Compassion, Mercy, and Love. But naming them diminishes the experience of them; and it is the tactile, sensate experience of them that must be engaged if the center of gravity is to grow.

So I come into my life each day with my attention focused on my sensation, and in the vibrations of the body itself, its manifestation in this life. 

Into this tangible field of energy come the impressions of life, the interactions that I encounter: as I call them, the objects, events, circumstances, and conditions.

I need to stay close to myself and remember that these are a sandstorm, a whirlwind; that they can distract me from my mission, which is to sense who I am and where I am. If I don't remember myself, I have no strength to resist these influences. And it's only by resisting these influences through the action of attention and sensation that I can put myself in line to come under higher  influences.

Alchemical systems are good, but they are only thought systems; and I must put my attention within the active, living systems of emotions and the body, not just the hypothetical conditions that the mind so often supports.

To accept life graciously is to accept death graciously; and this is the death of what I am now, in order that I might open to something new. The death of the body, which obsesses me, is in fact trivial compared to this question. It's strange, because the death of the body belongs only to the material; and the death of the mortal soul, a far more serious matter, is always a real danger in the midst of these influences.

To live within life is to move towards death; to move always towards the unknown, which emanates from a source I cannot understand.

May your soul be filled with light.

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