Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Christ brought the greatest esoteric teaching in the history of mankind; and billions of human beings have searched for an understanding of it for the past 2,000 years. 

There are those who might feel that one can conduct the Gurdjieff work in a bubble that isolates and excludes the question of Christ; I'm not one of them. In my experience this is categorically impossible. After years of inner investigation I've concluded with certainty that any such path is not only profoundly mistaken, but even, ultimately, aligned against the Gurdjieff work itself and all of its aims. 

The Gurdjieff work is fundamentally Christian- that is, its radical form is of Christ; and anything that is in any part of Christ is completely and absolutely of Christ, since any fraction of Christ is at once and forever wholly of Christ. One can't segregate Christ and parse Him out according to opinion, whim, or desire. 

The work therefore is deeply in, of, and for Christ; which is not to say that it stands in opposition to or in contradiction of any other religious tradition, since Christ is in, of, and for us all; as He is in Buddha, Mohammed, Hinduism, Judaism, and so on. Christ is not an exclusive Being but a comprehensive one; not a division, but a unification. To understand Christ as exclusionary is already to not understand. Despite the apparent interfaith contradiction, one must see that Christ and the Dharma are functionally inseparable. 

Attempting to understand this from the narrowly secular view of self-observation and self-remembering is simply not enough. This is a steadfast matter of the heart. Such questions cannot be approached through the atomistic presumptions of materialist foundations, no matter how much entirely valid emphasis Gurdjieff placed on them. (The matter is one analogous to process ecology; it is of the flow of energies from the top down. Interested readers should refer to the book "A Third Window" for insights into this concept.)

Hence one's work must be opening towards Christ, because, no matter what Name He is called by, the only path is through the Heart of Christ. 

The mystery of Christ is just that, a mystery; and it calls us to question both our assumptions and our understanding on each and every step of the path. We cannot know; and in unknowing, in helplessness and in submission, we present ourselves to a Grace which offers an avenue towards that spiritual home which every person seeks. 

Those who claim to already know, stop where they are and beckon others to them. 

Those who have a wish to know depart forever from this moment into the next one, and thus never have a place to rest their head. Each one who does not know travels alone on paths uncharted; and this takes the kind of courage that Christ showed in accepting his conditions.

May your soul be filled with light.

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