Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obstacles, causes, and effects

 Everything arises naturally. What obstacle?

 In discussing cause and effect, there is a belief that cause and effect lie outside of Being. Yet there is no cause or effect outside of Being. To ascribe cause and effect to anything that lies outside of Being is to misunderstand the nature of what arises.

Everything arises naturally within Being. There are many aspects, but no obstacles. Obstacles may be perceived, but they are illusory. There cannot be any obstacles to Being. Even that which appears to be an obstacle is just another aspect of Being; thus, included.

We convince ourselves that there are obstacles, causes, and effects. Yet what arises, arises inwardly, and simply arises. The outward is simply a reflection of what arises inwardly. We think that the outward creates what arises inwardly, but actually, the situation is reversed. Within every instant of Being, all that is created is created outwardly from the original inwardness of Being itself.

 So in reality, everything is much less complicated than it appears to be.

To perceive obstacles is to fail in relationship.  If we accept relationship without assuming, the power of cause and effect becomes much less. We aren't attached to it; Being does not have a need for cause and effect. It simply acknowledges the arising of things within itself.

It's interesting to suggest that life arises naturally, and that there are no obstacles. Things simply are what they are. If one arrives in the moment prepared, nothing else actually matters. What is necessary will appear; what is unnecessary cannot appear, since the manifestation in the given moment is always sufficient unto itself. Reality never manifests in excess of need, because it is unable to.

There are times when the energy within the self is capable of aligning so that these things are naturally understood. There are other times when one is not open to an energy that can inform Being in such a way. Both conditions are also natural. One can inhabit either condition naturally, in so far as one is present; thus, even when one is not present, one can be present to that, and in this way, one already aligns with the natural and lawful conditions.

Our contradictions arise because we don't align ourselves properly with the inner energy or with our lives. Almost all of this is the result of tensions of various kinds; yet these too are lawful. I can't get away from them. I have to suffer them within myself, even as I see that this also arises naturally.

If I perceive them as obstacles, they are obstacles. If I simply inhabit the condition, then they are conditions.

In the same way, something that I feel negative about and don't want to do can be an activity instead of a burden, if I understand it as an activity. The activity is an engagement, an opportunity for the self to keep itself occupied within conditions. The self can keep itself occupied within conditions by exercising a concise observation of the conditions. This doesn't mean that the conditions need to be changed or manipulated; but one can see them, and already, this is enough work to keep one busy even in rather unpleasant conditions.

 Such are my thoughts this afternoon.

May your soul be filled with light.

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