Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I often discuss objects, events, circumstances, and conditions, and readers will have by now assumed they are separated functions of reality. In expression, these four properties appear separated, but they are in fact entirely united.

This is easily provable, because all of them are comprehended instantaneously and simultaneously by consciousness, without which they cannot and do not exist. (This matter relates to a previous post about the nature of the enneagram and its action, which is not progressive but simultaneous.)  So there is a unity here which is a unity of comprehension, and since comprehension (consciousness) is both what creates and unfies, the unity of these four properties of the Reality is a de facto unity which is whole in its origin, regardless of any subsequent further division and perception by consciousness.

That is not, however, what I want to discuss today, important though it may be. The subject is the exact nature of said objects, events, circumstances and conditions.

Within the arising of feeling-functions, which are a higher function of Being, objects, events, circumstances and conditions need no longer be separated, because the objective speed at which feeling-functions consciously grasp one's existence and surroundings effectively eliminate the apparent collapse of these various functions into separated characteristics.

Ah, you may say. These are confusing and convoluted thoughts, Lee. What are you getting at? Where's the practical understanding?

Well, that's perhaps difficult, too, but I'll try to explain.

The point here is that every arising phenomenon, which consists of these unified properties, is of a sacred nature and character. Feeling-function sees and experiences this; the lower centers are physically unable to.

This means that within the action of feeling-function, we are able to see how both the nature of divinity and its expression are folded into every instant and object we encounter. Our bodies are, furthermore, expressly designed to sense this-not just theoretically, in a romantic rapture of belief that "all is one," (woo hoo!) but neurologically, that is, tangibly and with the actual instruments of physical- not mental- perception. This can't happen without the action of higher centers, of course. And it is not an act of generalization, but one of intimacy and precision, because there is nothing coarse about the nature of the higher levels when manifesting discrimination.

Swedenborg, an accomplished neurologist who understood both the physical and deeply metaphysical implications of mankind's nervous system, understood entirely that the body was an organic tool designed to come into this direct sensation of, relationship with, the divine.

But we don't live that way, do we?

And yet we might.

The whole point of "developing" (actually, receiving) an attention is to offer the Being-body the opportunity to come into contact with the eternally and immediately sacred properties that are forever present, throughout the course of a lifetime. One is thereby able to encounter a finer and finer set of impressions of life which inwardly form an increasing understanding of the essentially sacred nature of each and every impression- all of them, every last one- which perpetually flow into the Being and the body.

I know this may sound like a tall order, but something of this kind is in fact absolutely possible.

Only to the extent that we devote ourselves to our inner work and the sensation of Self- not as an individuated ego, but as a fundamental "particle lof the whole"- do we gain the chance to see this for ourselves. This enormously rich food surrounds us in abundance, and yet it all goes to waste- even though objective conditions have provided so very much of it that even a little tiny bit would suffice to bring a man or woman absolutely everything needed for the growth of the soul throughout a lifetime. This is one of the esoteric meanings of the expression "my cup runneth over."

Under the right conditions we can discover the reasons for holy gratitude, which in us is relative, but ought to be ever-present, and absolute: applicable to all things, at all times.

May your soul be filled with light.

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