Wednesday, April 3, 2013

With every fiber of one's being

 There is a great deal of confusion afoot in the world today about how to conduct external affairs. I suppose there always has been.

Yet the inner or spiritual eye of man seems more closed than ever, and the intentionally and triumphantly destructive actions of individuals with no real sense of Self continues to multiply. I see it all around me; those who not only ignore the adage, "above all, do no harm," but those who see no fault in doing harm to anyone they disagree with. Our society and our politics are filled with individuals like this, who expresses a selfishness that has nothing to do with compassion or right action.

Such individuals have no interest in truth or wisdom; they are interested only in themselves, how they can oppress others, and, commonly, how much money they can make. They hold people different than themselves in contempt. They lie about everything; not just the small lies with which all of us keep our lives moving forward, but large ones, which undermine others and cause right attitudes to collapse.

Can outward action stop such things? It's a big question. There are those with right conviction and right attitude who believe that they can; yet if the spiritual eye of a man is not open, how can he see that what he does is wrong?

And is there any outer action that can open the spiritual eye?

 I don't think there is. It is left to those of us who have a wish for the good to strive with every fiber of our being to take in a higher influence and manifest it in life; because only a light that shines from within can set an example in the midst of the confusion we face. A man or woman needs to go quietly first within themselves, and then quietly within life, setting the standard and refusing to stoop to the level of those who would destroy things. Outward life already draws us into this action to some extent no matter what we do; and only an upright inner attitude can go against that force, which affects everyone. I see this question every day in myself, when I see awful things going on and have reactions that are inappropriate and do not befit the dignity of a human being. It's easy to forget myself and wish to do violence in one way or another to stop those who would do violence.

 I don't quite know how to sort this out, because there are indeed moments when one actually has to fight. The distinction between the moments where one must just see and the moments when one must take a regrettable but inevitable action to oppose such forces are not clear, except in the moment itself. I suppose that the difficulty is that there is so much armchair theory regarding these questions. It is in the midst of life, in the actual action of being human, that these choices have to be made... not on sheets of paper or in Internet forums.

And the difficulty is that if I am not present in life, I cannot choose right action. My inner alignment is the first thing that needs to be attended to; because if I am not aligned with the greater good, nothing can come of anything I do.

 May your soul be filled with light.


  1. Yes, each moment is singular, there is no general theory...and it's rare that we are so composed as to choose to kick over those money lending tables...actually not money lending but exchanging 'impure' coins for temple coins...I once interrupted a horrible sermon and walked out of a church. I regret it...I was reacting too much...

  2. Lee, we have often spoken about negativity towards negativity cannot untie but only bind more tightly the knot, perhaps making it look smaller, but much harder to untie.
    What I need to do in order to work in our tradition is to watch that my thinking does not go outside my personal purview, that small circle where I CAN DO.

    That's mostly vertical, but to the extent that it is horizontal, it still must remain only a seeing. I need to remember a basic tenet of our work, that I cannot change myself, because the direction I would change would be towards that imagined perfect self that I worship in the innermost Idolatry. n fact, if I make attempts at change, I will never SEE what I am in reality.
    I believe it must be the same process outside of my body/mind. I believe that I must not close my eyes, but I must not "act", as it is useless flailing against.

    Mr. Gurdjieff's mandate and task I believe was to change the entire world to a new understanding of it's place in the cosmos, and he didn't give a whit about ANYTHING that was actually happening except to SEE it deeply, with a total feeling of remorse of conscience towards mankind's stupidity and mechanicality.

    This drove him, even if he worked with individuals who could pass on this new spiritual dispensation. That's the only "thing" I might be able to DO. I must SEE where my power ends - the real extent of my Being, and stay within it. The less I waste my energy the better and stronger I become, within. Seeing is Doing in my estimation. I can DO nothing more.


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