Sunday, April 7, 2013

Each Action is Sacred

If one works for long enough in life, if one struggles and often suffers enough, one may come to a moment in which it is given to see that each action is sacred. Each object, event, circumstance, and condition is sacred. That is to say, every single tiny thing emanates from a higher level and the will of the Lord. There is absolutely no object, event, circumstance, or condition that is separate from this Truth.

Every single instance of manifestation is a gift that is given to us — we are receptacles that can take these gifts in, if we are present. This is what our purpose is, what consciousness is for, and if one thinks that there is any other purpose, one is mistaken. All of the purposes we invent for ourselves are illusions and have nothing to do with our real purpose. We are designed to receive these things, and for no other reason, other than to receive this enormous and impossibly loving gift which is consistently and eternally radiant.

I use these superlatives because there is no actual way to describe how intense and absolute the sacred nature of existence is. If one sees it even once, the humility that arises — organically, not in the mind — and the gratitude that responds have an equally intense quality, a quality of feeling that cannot be attained in ordinary life through any of the usual impressions or emotions that it produces.

If one thinks one works for any other reason other than to understand this, one must stop working in such a way and work in a new way. Because there can be no other real aim of work, other than to understand the nature of things, and this is the nature of things. That is, that they are sacred, and that we are here to come into correspondence with them from all of our centers—from the essence of our entire Being.

I have been writing for many years now to try and explain this in hundreds and even thousands of ways to people, and I know that it is impossible, because there is only an organic experience that can correspond to this. There aren’t any words. Yet, we have a responsibility to share the greatest things that we encounter with one another, and one of the principle tools we are given — no matter how inadequate they are — is words. So I am obliged by the conditions of my existence to make this effort, even though I know I fail, even as I say this.

I stand in the middle of my life humbled by every object, event, circumstance, and condition. The contradictions of my outer manifestations, and the very coarse of nature of how I must be because of my lack of understanding, are conditions I am also given as a gift in order to become smaller and smaller, to dissolve into a transparency that will allow the radiance of manifestation to penetrate my action. I can’t do that, though; even though I have spent most of a lifetime in a work which presumes that somehow there is a way for “me” to take charge of this process, a deeply and profoundly mistaken attitude which I cannot seem to break free of.

 Perhaps it is, more than ever, in the moment when I see how I subtly reject almost everything that I can have a real understanding of this. All of the understanding that is born of what I call myself forms around a kernel of rejection, and belief in myself. 

More on this in the next post.

May your soul be filled with light.

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