Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Understanding service

Today I am just going to jot down some of my daily impressions from here in Shanghai once again.

Going through daily life, everything seems to have a purpose that serves me. But this is absolutely false; nothing serves me. As I move through my life and I deepen my effort to understand life and my inner work, I increasingly see that everything is in service to a much higher principle.

It is an incredible blessing to serve. Already, because I serve by default, I am blessed, whether I am conscious of it or not. But I am even more blessed if I know that I serve, consciously know that I serve, within the organic sensation of the body and my feeling.

Each and every movement and circumstance is service. There is no act of being that is not in service to God, that is not a manifestation of God and owes everything to God. Generally speaking, human beings don't know this at all. There is an enormous obstacle in the form of intellect and theory standing between our experience of life and the understanding of service. It is only through a gift or blessing of the Lord that the experience of service becomes immediate. And it must become immediate, that is, it must be an instantaneous and exact principle within the inner life at all times, in order for an understanding of this question to develop more fully.

God is a theory and a subject of argument for people because they don't have this sense of feeling and sense of the organism. They do not understand what the inflow of a divine influence is. Yet there can be no deeper gift of life than to experience this constantly, which is one of the blessings that can flow from the Lord— through obedience.

One might think that this kind of influence would require one to change one's life, but that's not the case in the least. In fact, it requires one to lead one's life exactly as it is given, without any argument. What one does not see is that one is already exactly where one belongs, and that each action is exactly the action that is required. Alignment with this would change everything in terms of attitude and understanding; yet how can one align without help? There is an enormous distance between man and his awareness of God, even though they are one and the same thing, and exist simultaneously side-by-side.

Why this separation? That is the great question, after all. And I certainly don't understand the answer to it; all I understand is what it means to be penetrated by a force that causes me to see that I serve. It is a blessing to serve; and in this sense, every single object, event, circumstance, and condition — and every single being — is already blessed in the eyes of the Lord.

Yet it is an even greater blessing to serve and to know that one serves within the moment that the service is rendered. To live within it is to be doubly blessed.

And perhaps this is where the center of gravity of humility lies.

May your soul be filled with light.

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