Thursday, January 3, 2013

We are the Breath of God

God is here, is always here, and is inseperable from the here and now.

The action of God is forever to both breathe the here and now out of Himself, and then to breathe it back in. The universe itself is the breath of God; and each Being that arises is an active manifestation of that breath, emanated- created- in order to gather and then breathe the substance of the universe back into God.

To Be is to gather in this manner.

Being, then, is to be with God, and to be God’s breath. In living, the substance of impressions enters us; the impressions exist both within us and outside of us, and can so be said to exist not in the body but, rather, in consciousness itself, which simultaneously perceives both body and not-body. This is what we are and how we are; wittingly or unwittingly.

We might suppose a predisposed discrimination of impressions, a preference; but perhaps this isn’t the case. Instead it is the presence of consciousness itself, an inner action, which breathes, and not the particularities of what is breathed in, that make the difference.

When Presence itself is the root phenomenon, then the objects, events, circumstances and conditions are  moot. And this active Presence, which pervades all things, becomes the sustenance of God.

This means we are with God and in God in all things, and that we are the breath of God, as it moves inward and outward in the rhythmic oscillations defined solely by the parameters of our experience. The question becomes one of our wakefulness in God; for we breathe in on behalf of God, as His agents, through both sleep and wakefulness, just as our own bodies continue to breathe, whether we are asleep or awake.

This breathing in of the material experience, which is both the substance and the action of God— they are actually indistinguishable, because all substance is actually action— is the Being of God; we inhabit it blindly, because we’re not awake in the Lord.

Yet the body can know the Lord; the mind and the emotions can know the Lord. All of our parts can awaken in the Lord, if we wish.

Then we will see we are not apart from Him.

May your soul be filled with light.

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