Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here I am. Let us be together.

What does it mean to receive a conscious force?

I have this question in me, of what the energies and forces in my body mean.

I sense them; I'm aware of them. I also sense that they are aware of me. We are in a relationship; it's reciprocal.

The force of a conscious energy is quite different than my own day-to-day outward force. It is an inner force in an organic sense; although it expresses itself in the body, it is not of the body; it is connected by the threads of its own vibration to a universal network of energy. The body is simply a receiver that concentrates this force.

I have what I think of as an individual consciousness, but I see that somehow, that consciousness — and what we call "life" — arise from this universal force. They are not separated. The impression that I have some kind of independence is a false one.

Yet I don't understand this mystery. I've read a lot of different theories and ideas about this, some of them useful. Yet each one seeks to limit the existence of this energy within a context. And it seems apparent that the energy itself is illimitable. It is at the same time myself, and also something quite foreign. How do I sort that out?

An exploration is necessary. And this exploration makes no presumptions. It simply sees the relationship and takes it into account; over, and over, gently, allowing all of the authority that exists on both sides to arise naturally within the relationship. In this way, there is no interference. I don't use all these parts of myself to do anything. I bring what I have of myself to the table, and I offer it to the energy.

I say, here I am.  Let us be together.

And I wait to see what will happen then, because I don't know.

 Of course, that is quite true. I do know a bit of what will happen. This energy draws me deeper and deeper into a relationship of prayer. It draws me into a relationship of sorrow for the nature of things. The sorrow is objective, in the sense that it has no object; although it can discover associations, it has no attachments.

And because it has no attachments — even to itself — it can be joyful.

May your soul be filled with light.


  1. A wonderful post today, alluding to the prayer advice given by Christ Lord Jesus - not the "Lord's prayer", but his advice to shut yourself up in your cell and "Do not let your right hand knowing what the left hand is doing."

    There are higher forces (as well as lower one's that we as servants must provide a vertical two way conduit), but they cannot come in and "Sup with us if we do not hear the knocking and open the door.

    Even though it is an old saying of Christianity: "Where two or three are gathered in my Name, there AM I, in their midst." I believe the same is true of we who are coming into our heritage of becoming responsible for guarding the flame of the Work against a premature entry into the outer "world"
    The "Work" and the "World" run on different times, as anyone familiar with the vast cycles of the 'Kalpas' of Hindu philosophy can tell you of.

    But our work is a strange melange; one of my group leaders told me privately that his personal friends who have known him for 25 years have no idea that he is 'in the work". Many follow that path, and it may provide some real advantage allowing them to produce work that they invest their inner lives into, and then there are those of us who are compelled; driven; obligated to act as beacons towards the outer world, as the case with you and I.
    I only know that I am in for a real and rare treat, to be allowed inside your pondering. There are many things to love you for, but this work for six years on this blog surely amounts to a super-effort which goes in the only direction those of us who follow Mr. Gurdjieff can go.
    To suffer ourselves and our brethren, and by quiet inner work, establish a vertical line or current that can withstand the horizontal currents that would crash our houses down.
    Blow Winds, Blow -- I have reached NirVana and am unshaken.

  2. A wonder-ful essay, Lee. Yes - coming into relationship with the energies and forces within; and recently a glimpse of their awareness of me, as you elucidate so beautifully today.
    May we all bless and be blessed during this special advent time, and in our daily work.
    You know, rinyc, have you noticed that one can tell friends of the Work, but they simply don't hear. They may say after my death - "Well, for goodness sakes, we had no idea she was so immersed in anything like that". And yet I feel I have left the door open many many times. Interesting, isn't it?
    Yes, Lee. Six years of your blog site is a remarkable effort and achievement.
    In gratitude.


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