Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Enneagram Resource

Announcing a new resource for those interested in studies of the enneagram as it is approached in this space.

The enneagram resource

 This resource pulls together posts and diagrams covering a number of years of work, and organizes them into a single page where any of the diagrams can be quickly accessed.

I originally created this page for myself, because I was constantly having to poke around looking for my diagrams when I wanted to show them to people, and it was driving me nuts.

After I finished making it, I realized that it ought to be made available to the public. Readers will find that the diagrams are extensively cross referenced to quotes and active links on subjects available on the Internet, as well as — where appropriate — links to the original blog post that they came from.

 This resource will be added to as studies continue.

 The site is new, and rather complex, so if anyone finds dysfunctional links or other obvious errata, please let me know about it.

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