Monday, August 6, 2012

The Kingdom of Heaven, part II

There has been a lot of talk about the Kingdom of Heaven over the course of Christianity, and, of course, all the religions speak of such things in one way or another.

Yet Jesus Christ said the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Why did He say that?

 As explained in the last post, the quality of God is an action of consciousness, and the Kingdom of Heaven is an action of consciousness. Consciousness has both knowable and unknowable dimensions, and we fail to sense the greater part of it, because the greater part of it does not belong to man.

Yet man has the ability to live within the Kingdom of Heaven, because he is, knowingly or unknowingly, a perfect expression of it, as is every arising within the cosmos. Man's consciousness and his material being perpetually inhabit this eternal perfection. Man's capacity or lack of capacity to sense this is meaningless relative to the fact, which has a great deal to do with the Zen Buddhist schools' recognition that there is no enlightenment. The Dharma contains everything, whether everything wants to be contained by the Dharma or not; whether everything knows it is contained by the Dharma or not.
Thus, both knowing and unknowing are encompassed by the manifestation of God, who expects and even demands that both be present.

 This is not an excuse for lack of effort; nor does it mean that all levels of consciousness are equal or equally valuable, just because all are necessary and preordained. There is a movement, a flow, between consciousness and unconsciousness, and the movement itself contains the action of God.

It's possible for the Kingdom of Heaven to express itself directly in the psyche of man, in every instant, or, conversely, in any instant, since clearly we don't know what it would mean to see it expressed in every instant. We think we wish to see it expressed in every instant; this is what higher Being might be, we think to ourselves, or, this is what enlightenment would be. Yet we cannot be separated from higher Being or enlightenment, except in our conscious sensation of it, because it is already there. This is consonant with Gurdjieff's teaching that man already has the higher centers in him, he just doesn't know it.

It's true. This is a truth based simply on the principle that all things contain all other things, that the universe is fractal, and that you cannot extract one thing from another and have anything left.

Consider ten thousand drops of water in the grass, and the moon in the sky. There is not one reflection of the moon in the drops of water, there are ten thousand reflections, and so the moon is contained within every drop of water, and you cannot separate the moon from a drop of water, or a drop of water from the moon.

 So it's true that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, and that God's Mercy and Compassion are not only infinite and eternal; they are intimate and internal. This means that the qualities of Mercy and Compassion are not just available in the abstract, or on some cosmological scale; they have a wish to express themselves intimately and immediately in life, and we are the vehicles for that action.

It's possible to know this in life, but it takes many years of work. Even then, the expression of Mercy and Compassion, while perfect, remain essentially unknowable, even when in their action they are known.

There is no greater Grace than to do inner work and be given the gift of this action.

I respectfully hope you will take good care.

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