Friday, August 10, 2012

The Great Enemy

It's a lawful and natural thing for understanding to become divided, and for various people, all over the planet, who are engaged in inner work to find that they have differences.

Works split up. People disagree about this, that, and the other thing. It's like this; it's like that. Your understanding is not a good one. And so on. Yet it needs to be understood, on a certain level, that in work of this kind, there is no opposition.

To be sure, there is opposition out there, but it is of a much more dangerous and insidious nature than anyone suspects. Throughout history, every religion has caused its followers to undergo schisms and view their brothers as their enemies; versions of this have even arisen within the Gurdjieff Work. This kind of action is invariably because of partiality and mistaken understanding, yet those who engage in it insist, to the last man and woman, that they are not partial, and that they do understand. The humility incumbent upon those who actually work is appallingly lacking in cases like this.

It's impossible for those who truly work to be anything but brothers and sisters in Spirit. The instant that that disappears, that the Compassion, the Love, and above all, the organic sensation of one's own humility disappear, the slope is all downhill.

 Yet if all forces in the universe are equally necessary, why is there disagreement? Why would there be enemies at all? And why isn't there a single harmonious whole that functions flawlessly, in an endless sea of Compassion and Love?

 As has been explained in the past, energy can flow unless there are two poles for it to flow between. Compassion and Love create the two poles because they are necessary. In the universe, which is half (the imminent half) of God's being, everything trends downward unless a struggle is engaged in.

 The supreme polarity is the polarity between consciousness and unconsciousness. God is consciousness, and must struggle perpetually against His own unconsciousness in order to be fully manifest. Even God, in other words, needs an enemy, even if it is born—as it is with us—within Himself. God gives Himself work in the same way that we give ourselves work; He demands of Himself in the same way that He demands of us. We are, in every sense, a microcosmic reflection of this eternal and internal struggle to Be. We may think, in our usual egoistic way, that we contain "the struggle," yet the entire universe contains the struggle.

 So the great enemy is unconsciousness. Any external schism or argument that distracts us from this need to see the immediate in an objective sense serves unconsciousness, and it has many servants. Like the famous herd of swine, its name is legion—it is ubiquitous. And it is, in analogy to the swine, unclean, because unconsciousness fails to honor both the subject, the object, and the moment, the three pillars of Being upon which all experience of consciousness is based.

It may seem ridiculous to bring these cosmic questions down to the point of asking ourselves whether we are present to a blueberry when we pop it in our mouths, but this is the essential point. Everything that arises is there in order to be honored and appreciated. Only consciousness can perform this action; only consciousness can offer prayer, and every object, event, circumstance, and condition exists as a form of prayer and worship, whether it appears to work thusly or not. Consciousness is capable of perceiving this; in its absence, things are just things, and evil (unconsciousness) finds the evil within itself. Evil has it easy; it is a lack of effort, and what could be easier? If we speak of a lack in ourselves, perhaps we could make it just that simple.

 In this way, eating blueberries has the potential to be a sin, or a form of worship. So we confront the great enemy in every instance, within ourselves and the nature of our Being and consciousness, while all the while we think that the great enemy is out there somewhere, assigning it to the external.

 There needs to be a coming together within ourselves, and a coming together in inner work. There is already enough opposition in on consciousness, without us stoking the fire.

I respectfully hope you will take good care.

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