Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It's one thing to understand intellectually that everything in the universe is inevitable and interconnected; that everything is part of a single whole. It's quite another thing to be sensate of this fact.

By inevitable, one means that there are no alternatives, and that all things actually consist of one single thing, reflected in many different ways.

In reflections, the stone is a reflection of the bird, and the bird is a reflection of the stone. We are reflections of one another. Yet we don't sense this, perhaps even intellectually we don't sense it. One thing appears to be different from another, and we don't see or understand that this is one of the secrets of the myriad names of God.

There are an enormous number of practices surrounding the idea of remembering the self, and there are as many theories about what it consists of and what the self is as there are selves to investigate and experience. But all of this activity is actually no more than a fractional expression of a complete and absolute inevitability, which contains everything, and is unable to be anything other than what it is. Man's wish that things be otherwise is an illusion based on a failure to understand that this can never be possible.

The self cannot remember the self, because it is the self, and even the forgetting is a part of itself. (This conundrum is examined and close detail by Ibn Al Arabi in the wisdom of the Exaltation of Noah.) So to know forgetting is to know the self, and to know remembering is to know the self. The self already knows itself, whether it remembers or forgets.

In forgetting, we forget; and remembering, we remember. Both are equal, as long as we see that we remember and we see that we forget. Neither one can be separated from the other because both belong to the sacred action of consciousness, and of life.

This may perhaps seem too confusing or sophisticated, but remembering and  forgetting stand apart from consciousness. Consciousness knows what it is, whether there is forgetting or remembering, and it is a different thing than forgetting or remembering. If this doesn't sound like what the books say, so be it. We are not books, and filling ourselves with them won't help in the end.

What we need to be filled with is sensation, a new kind of sensation. To be sensate of how all things contain one another is quite different than to think about how all things contain one another. To contain and to be contained are equal to remembering and forgetting. We appear to fall in and out of both conditions, but they include one another, so there can be no leaving.

I respectfully hope you will take good care.

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