Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Selection from a Flower Scroll
Watercolor, Wu Changshuo, 1905
Shanghai Museum

With all of the competing philosophies, ideologies, and cosmologies available on this planet, it's understandable that we find ourselves confused. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry appears to have an opinion about how things are, and how they ought to be.

One of the points of esoteric understandings in general is that Tom, Dick, and Harry are a distraction. We won't find what is true and what is real by looking outside ourselves; the journey does not begin there. The journey begins only with an examination of our inner self, and if we can't find what is real there, nothing else the self finds can be real.

What we lack is a sense of gravity. This sense of gravity isn't an attitude; it is an organic experience. If the words sound unfamiliar, that's because the experience is unfamiliar. Human beings have lost the capacity to have a center of gravity, arising from what has been called a “magnetic center” that attracts life.

What does it mean to attract life? There are a number of meanings to this expression, according to level, but in the simplest sense, from where we are now, it means having the capacity to take in impressions in a quite different way than we are accustomed to. This capacity involves an organic center of gravity that is rooted in sensation and awareness, expressed in the weight of the body, and connected through relationship in action. It is begotten, not made; that is, it is born of relationship, not manufactured by us. We don't invoke it, we don't will it, we don't control it; it is born of relationship.

If we don't become responsible for our inner relationships, nothing can be born of them. Parents can't have a child if the two of them are separated and live on different continents. So in a sense we become an inner matchmaker; in this way, by introducing our parts to one another and at least advising them that they exist together, they can perhaps begin to form the relationship that's necessary.

Attracting life involves allowing impressions to flow more deeply into the body. Some readers who have experimented with psychedelic drugs (not a recommended course of action) are probably familiar with the extraordinary sensation that impressions create under the influence. What is poorly understood is that this effect ought to be quite normal—the body, after all, evolved to be sensitive to the psychedelic drugs in the first place because it can produce the substances that take impressions in this way naturally, that is, on its own. Our experience of life, in other words, ought to mirror the deep and spiritually feeding effects that are reported by researchers conducting careful scientific investigation of the effects of psychedelic drugs and modern laboratories—as opposed to the chaotic experimentation of the 60's and 70's generations.

The inner self undergoes a transformation when it receives this food, the food of impressions, correctly. It's fundamentally impossible to describe the sensation in words, but the sensation is objectively true, and once it takes place, one understands that there is an objective reality, a reality that exists independent of Tom, Dick, and Harry. The fundamental truth of our material existence is revealed; the potential for inhabiting that existence is revealed.

This does not reveal what it means, only that it exists. Our difficulty is that in our own state of consciousness, we don't even realize that an objective reality exists. We firmly inhabit a subjective reality, and are convinced by it. It's only by changing the nature of work within the body so that it takes in impressions correctly that we can begin to understand what an objective reality might consist of.

To discriminate and discern the meaning of objective reality after this process begins is to set out on the path that the very saintly Ashiata Shiemash laid out for mankind in Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson. Undertaking one's sacred duties must begin from a real place within oneself, not from the launching pad of our subjective consciousness. 

All this means that we can't understand the questions of responsibility, duty, and service without a right inner connection.

I respectfully hope you will take good care.