Sunday, February 26, 2012

A finer energy

At the time of writing—February 25—I'm in the business class lounge at the airport in Seoul, on my way back from China. This is the first time in some years I've had a layover of any length of time here, allowing me to write a post—something I used to do frequently years ago, when my layovers here were more routine.

There are many daily things in life, yet under the average set of circumstances, a relationship to a finer energy is not one of them. Yet an intelligent and conscious study of exactly this energy (not some coarser substitute) in action in the body is essential; and without a relationship to a finer energy, in many senses, there can be no study of energy. Studying ordinary tension and studying ordinary sensation, sensation as we invoke it and as it exists on average in us, we don't study much of anything. We find that we are tense; that's hardly news. We find out we don't have much sensation. But what do we actually know? Do we know that we are breathing, thinking, feeling beings, creatures in a relationship with this life and with the planet? Probably not. Without a relationship to some finer substance, these ideas, although entirely real, are at best one-centered.  The intellect is capable of killing higher ideas and curating them in a vacuum  where they stumble around, zombielike, looking for more brains to eat.

Only with a relationship to a finer quality, a more essential quality that rests in a kernel within the breast—in the heart—can anything real be sensed.

 We are definitely meant to be much more open to the higher, yet we can't do it. Nonetheless, the force of Mercy is enormous, and it constantly seeks us. It can be a daily thing. It can be an hourly thing, a thing of every minute.

Why isn't it? Why do we spend years going to groups, sitting in meditation, doing retreats, weekends and even weeks spent in intensive work to try and become more open, without much than a glimmer appearing in us, except under what we call “special circumstances?"

 Well, it's a good question.  The idea of a higher, or finer, energy may remain for the most part mythological in the average course of a lifetime. It is an aspiration—a wish to breathe—not an inspiration, that which has been breathed and incorporated. Yet it is possible to breathe; it is even necessary to breathe. And it is even necessary to breathe in order to breathe—to do so consciously, that is.

 My own hubris stands in my way, first of all and most of all, yet I can't get rid of that either. I recall distinctly the many times that Betty Brown remarked to us on how arrogant it seemed to her that we all thought we could work, that we could participate in something higher. She was getting at just this point; and yet, she knew precisely what work was, and what was possible. The idea of a finer energy was not a theoretical one for her. She, like me, ultimately came to the conclusion that it is our arrogance that prevents us from receiving what we need for our work.

 We wish to make the effort of opening central to our work; we wish to receive an energy of a certain finer nature. It isn't just one energy; it doesn't enter us in just one way.  We stand at an intersection in a play of forces, and we have the capacity to both receive and transmit a range of influences and actions. These influences and actions have both horizontal and vertical characteristics. The work of distinguishing between what is of Essence and what is of Personality is a work of understanding and discriminating in these matters. There is not one single thing; there is no single work, no single state, no single energy. Not except at the level of the absolute, a level we're at a very great distance from.

 What is important is to carefully and intimately come into an inner relationship that cultivates. Finer energy seeks its own kind; like attracts like. If you have gold, you can get gold. The difficulty is that men love having gold, but for the most part only in order to squander it.

This idea of a precise inner version, an intentional relationship, an intimacy, is part of what is needed in order to recognize gold and help it be laid up in those most secret places of the heart, where it can help us.

 I respectfully hope you will take good care.


  1. Yes, there is only NOW, and we move through time, the Merciless Heropass at our own peril, if we do nothing NOW.
    Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday... Gone for good, and as I read from Martin Benson, when you are dead you are dead for a VERY LONG TIME.
    Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow, but the entire structure of Time, the Supreme Ultimate Subjective, is as if we were falling through it by a force of gravity, moving us closer and closer to the end of our lives, which as is written, may come at any moment.
    Our Teacher told us that we fall or course through three rivers, one for each center, and we fish. What we catch is ours, what passes us by is gone.
    How can we reconcile the inertia of our passive nature to these facts.
    My son made an astounding remark the day before his fifth birthday: He said to his Mother,
    "Mother, I am really going to enjoy this day, because THIS IS THE LAST DAY I WILL EVER BE FOUR. (BEFORE)"
    And in asking him, he stated that the pun was intentional, which astounded me.
    He is 20 now, and a Junior at Penn St. studying computer sciences and describe math (we called it "matrix math back then).
    I asked him what he would like to do with his life and he said, "I don't know, Dad, except that I want to leave a positive footprint.
    Have I left a positive footprint, or have I yet far to walk. This is not entirely up to me and my selfish wishes, but one can only obey a finer energy by attenuating lower forces that have our own interests at heart, and becoming faithful servants to this finer and higher laws, which are not only higher, but harder to locate, because THEY ARE HIDDEN inside the lower laws and have traveled a much further distance than laws for ordinary "citizens"; they are stricter and more austere; and that is the only escape from heavier laws, to serve what seems to be impotent and smaller laws.
    In Kundalini Yoga proper, and not the new age bullshit that westerners are fed, we live entirely in the Muladhara or "Root Support Center"-- The "World", where the Gods are indeed dead. Nothing more I can add, except that it is heartwarming to wake and read your posts -- an indication that I am not alone.

  2. I'd be interested to know of any book you would suggest on kundalini yoga proper - if there is one!

  3. Paul,
    First of all with regard to Kundalini, the sacred texts concerning it are in the tantras and agamas, and very few have been translated. I am sure you have seen charts of the so called "Chakras" (Sanskrit=Centers), which are said to be spinning and which lie seemingly from bottom of spine UP, should be turned upside down like Gurdjieff's Christmas tree. They represent deeper and higher forces or "levels" of Being WITHIN OURSELVES,

    The second Chakrqa, which ordinarily is connected with the sex function, is derived from the root "Sva", which means "SELF" and swastika means "labyrinth of the self". This represents the subconscious and unconscious parts of oneself. The place where we can find separation from the phantasmagoria of the "world.'

    The third Chakra named Manipura = City of Gems and is equated with the will, real WILL or contaminated will (desires and aversions).

    Then the arises the first conscious shock, with the diaphragm, which regulates the breathing, and although breathing con be unconscious or made to be conscious, in the Kundalini tradition this barrier is almost never passed.

    So the lower three Chakras full us from the Outside towards the inside - impressions set off urges and desires and aversions which act upon us as marionettes.

    Having said that, the quickest method in reading I would suggest would be C,G. Jung's thin book of comments on Kundalini Yoga. This is a treasure trove of a correct analysis of the real structure of the system, circa 1930. It's as true today as then, and in fact is timeless, because Jung intuited the truth about the system of correspondences.

    Harish Johari also wrote a wonderful book concerning the system in large format that allow for the discussion of all the symbolisms of each stage.

    The Kundalini Tantras proclaim that for he who knows, She (Kundalini means feminine curled snippet of hair, or string/twine/rope) is a blessing, and for those who do not know She is a curse, because the phenomenological "world" which we believe in is her dream, as in the Kundabuffer -- two obverse of the SAME COIN, which Mr. Gurdjieff knew intimately.
    There are existed portions of his WWII meetings where he gives specific instructions regarding Kundalini exercises and meditative practices -- they can be found hidden in the www.
    The Yoga Sutras (threads) of Patanjali is also a text worth studying, as it is a exposition of Classical Yoga, with the Aim of becoming ONE ALONE, able to SEE reality AS IT IS, and in what is called a "Cloud of Virtue". Good luck hunting, --Richard

  4. Thanks Richard. That's v useful. It did occur to me that the work was doing the opp. of a lot of hatha style yoga. Instead of pushing something up - and all those 'root locks' or bandhas - we are being asked to let something descend!
    I did spend sometime in Mysore learning hatha (funny, I know) and read Patanjali.
    Your comments about G's www2 stuff being on the web is interesting - I wonder where...
    Must look for Jung's book.
    thanks again


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