Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life flows in

Life can flow inward naturally, without impediments, but it usually doesn't.

To be open means to allow life to enter; a finer energy, which already permeates everything and is eternally present. The body has the potential to become open, and if it opens, the exquisite precision of what is becomes apparent.

But this can't happen for as long as everything is tethered to both the mind and all of the beliefs about things that go with it.

Awareness can exist in conjunction with and alongside all of the ordinary manifestations that normally keep me from sensing vibration with any precision or accuracy. In order for it to do so, it must have a life of its own: not the life “I” assign to it, not the constructed life, the assumed life, the believed, imaginary, or shaped life.

It has to have a living and untouched quality that allows it to be its own self, not the constructed self of daily life. If it lives, if it truly has its own life, then I am subordinate to it. This does not mean that I am not; the ego is not so easily destroyed, nor need it be. It is, after all, a useful engine that needs to be applied appropriately for encounters with life.

One could say that a purity is required, but even this is not accurate. It is a purity, but it is not the purity of the ascetic or the purity of the Puritan. It is an unadulterated quality that permits only of itself. It is fundamentally organic–a relationship within the organism that extends itself to include impressions in a new way.

How to express it?

To be open is to receive without interference. To be in life, but to stop touching it constantly. Nothing matters so much; what is it that drives me with such conviction? Where did I ever get the idea that my opinions make any sense? A desperation lies underneath every action; only by surrendering the desperation itself, only by letting go of it, can the implications about where I am and what I am doing be made manifest.

Those implications are nowhere near as complicated as my intellect would have me believe.

Life flows in. We are vessels into which the world flows; our entire purpose is summed up in this one expression.

Only to the degree that we perform this task with Attention and Love can we call ourselves human beings.

"When you close the door of your dwelling and are left alone, know that there is with you an Angel, allotted by God to every man, whom the Hellenes call the spirit of the home. He never sleeps and being always with you, sees everything. He cannot be deceived, and darkness hides nothing from him. And be aware that, besides him, God is present everywhere. For there is no place or substance where God is not present. He is greater than all and holds all in his hand.”

- Antony the Great, from "Early Fathers from the Philokalia," Kadloubovsky and Palmer, Faber & Faber 1954

May our prayers be heard.

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