Wednesday, February 23, 2011


One might call this a public service announcement, of a sort.

Students of Gurdjieff's "Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson" can hardly have failed to come across his description of the process called "Solioonensius," in which the sun emanates radiation that serves, among normal societies of three brained beings, for the acceleration of their spiritual development. It does not, unfortunately, have the same beneficent result when it affects human beings who are not conducting an inner work-- in fact, it produces opposite results.

If you click on the above link, you will see a QuickTime animation of the intense solar flare that erupted from the surface of the sun on February 15. This spectacular flare was preceded by a period of increased solar flare activity culminating in additional smaller flares on the 13th and 14th. Individuals interested in tracking solar activity relative to events in the middle east over the past two months can refer to the following charts:

It is not coincidental that this dramatic escalation of solar activity took place at the precise time that the middle east erupted in revolt; not only did Mr. Gurdjieff specifically explain that among individuals who are not working on their spiritual development, solioonensius produces a desire for "freedom," accompanied by the processes of reciprocal destruction, i.e. violence, he also specifically said, in his magnum opus, that this particular tendency erupts very frequently in this region, since it has been for long periods of time one of the "center of gravities of radiation" for Earth.

It would require too much quotation space to cite all of the passages about this process-- for the record, some relevant passages are found on pages 569–571 of the new edition, in the chapter "Beelzebub in Russia"– but there is absolutely no doubt that we are in the middle of the exact process that he described, and that it is following the exact course that he said it follows, and in the geographic location he said it is most common in (see p. 578 onwards in Beelzebub for this specific citation, and further commentary on the process of Solioonensius.)

What does this mean? Of course it explains quite exactly why we are seeing a period of increased political instability and violence. This is an absolutely lawful result of the process, which we do not, because of our complete ignorance of cosmological processes, tie to events like solar flares.

Mr. Gurdjieff laid it out in black and white. There are no coincidences, especially not on this scale.

What we can also be certain of is that for people who wish to work, this is the very best possible time to work. An enormous amount of help is being sent. That help-- that higher energy– is tangible in the very air itself; every one of us who has a wish for ourselves, for our community, for the planet,must attend to ourselves more carefully and more sincerely at this time. The hopes of this planet are pinned on that effort.

One can only hope that our worldwide community will, in these troubled but nonetheless extremely hopeful times, turn our efforts ever more inward, towards a more intimate relationship with those sacred higher sources which emanate love, and wish for us.

May our prayers be heard.

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