Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Some readers will already be familiar with the fact that I write a good deal of poetry, little of which gets published on the web--with the exception of pieces that can be found on Parabola magazine's web site.

I am a bit guarded about publishing material in this space because some publications will refuse work already published in this manner.

Nonetheless, my poetry has become an inextricable part of my inner work, and as such most of it could find its way into this space in a comfortable fit.

In the interests of offering the readership and the general public some small fraction of what I am up to in this area, today I am publishing a piece I wrote in Cambodia earlier this month.

The Eyes Of Man

Poems in transition-Cambodia, April 2010

I am here

On the road

On the edge of the sun

On the edge of the rain

Where the light spills across the rice paddies

Which are covered not by water

But by sky

This is how it's done:

The sky lays down in the earth

Beneath the water buffalo

And together they come to the edge of the green sea

Where the hills drop down

To sand awaiting footprints

That may never get there and

The horizon disappears

In an endless silver light

I am here

Where egrets stalk frogs and minnows

Unaware of the elegance of death

But dedicated to it nonetheless.

And here

Where the careless movement

of a woman's finger

Traces out the curve of her pearl earring-

Touches her silken black waterfall of hair-

These things are enough to prove

That love incarnates eternally

That heaven can never drink enough blood

To be done with this endeavor

But will throw life against death forever

Just to be there

When beauty falls into the eyes of men.


May the living light of Christ discover us.

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