Monday, November 30, 2009

three year anniversary

Today marks the three year anniversary of this blog.

Over the course of that period, over 580 essays have been posted. It seems impossible to believe; the effort was an experiment from the beginning, and there was no telling how long it would last, or where it would lead.

The anniversary catches me at a difficult moment, because I am very busy for the next week or so and it is unlikely I will have time to organize any decent thoughts or posts. I will, however, do my best to put something together Wednesday or Thursday night when I am in Georgia.

Tonight, I just want to thank the readership for taking the time to participate and read my material. There are many people all over the world who have followed this effort for weeks, months, and, in some cases, even years. Together, we form a loosely woven network -- a community -- of individuals interested in the ideas which Mr. Gurdjieff left us.

Almost all the people who knew him personally are now dead; it is up to us, those who remain, to carry the work as it stands on. There is no point in fearing that we are not up to the task, for we have it now. All we can do is do our best, and hope that we do not betray either the ideas, or the aim, of this great effort, which is -- as was said not so long ago by a very experienced member of the foundation -- "for all humanity."

On this site, those near the arctic circle can take heart knowing that Brazilians and Colmbians are reading with you. Americans and Frenchmen are reading with Iranians and Croatians. Australians are reading with Canadians and Dutchmen.

We continue, together, to participate in that mystery called life. We don't really know what life is -- the moment that we encounter it is always the most unexpected moment -- and it takes more than we can often muster in order to meet it.

Let us take courage and go forward together, with all of our flaws, our negativity--and the good things that are also in us--offering what we are to the world, and receiving in return.

Traditionally, every year, I change the sign off for this blog and use it for the next year. Regular readers may have noticed that. Today marks the day that I start to use a new sign off for the next year.

This year, I am choosing to sign off in a manner that is quite personal, and intimately related to my own work.

Some may feel that it is too specific for work as general as the work that Mr. Gurdjieff brought us. Others won't. But for some reason my new sign-off reminds me of something I heard a Sufi say in a film several years ago:

"There are Sufis in every religion."

May the living light of Christ discover us.

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