Monday, March 23, 2009

Quietly Attending

There's a great deal going on.

No matter how I meet my life, it's always busy. Children need to be managed. Business matters arise. Friends call; problems surface; the unexpected arrives.

In the midst of all this, there's a need for intimacy. If there is something lacking, it is this; the intimate examination of Being.

That intimate examination needs to begin with the organism, which has the potential for a connection I usually neglect. Even when the organism issues a call for relationship, it's easily avoided; the contingencies of life, and identification with them, draw me away.

There's a bird's nest in the mind: a comfortable, constructed place where entangled thoughts reside. To be sure, it's a place with the potential for nurture; a place where something new might be born. But there I sit, up in the head, happily ensconced among the brambles.

And below? Below there's a fox hole, a dark den where something animal, something connected with the earth, resides. There, too, something might be born and nourished. But the fox is primarily nocturnal; it's clever, elusive, careful to remain hidden most of the time. And why not? The fox is eternally hunted by the hounds of life. It's grown smart enough to known when to hide, because it is eaten so often: for five hundred lifetimes, perhaps, it's been eaten.

The call for relationship between these parts, these animals of dens and nests, is interfered with by my thinking, which enjoys living in a perpetual state of evaluation. In taking too many measurements, the dimensions of the temple are obscured. There is a time when the artist needs to put the ruler down and just appreciate the aesthetics of the work from a different point of view.

So I wonder, am I able to bring a new quality to my effort today: an effort of quietly attending, attending to the arising of sensation without the interference of words and thoughts?

Can that part step aside to just intimately examine what is present?

Can that intimate examination consist of something other than ideas?

May our hearts be opened, and our prayers be heard.

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  1. Yes, just to be mindful for a moment... to sit and let it be. All that is is right here.


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