Monday, December 1, 2008

Lounging around

Another in a series of posts from the business class lounge in Seoul.

Fielding information from cyberspace; contrasting it with the pulsing realities of organic experience. The two seem so divorced, at times, it's difficult to reconcile them. And I become increasingly concerned by my impression that the exchange of information is eclipsing the experience of actual life. Humanity is collapsing into an imaginary space divorced from the needs and realities of organisms. We do this at our peril; we all fall victim to the error of mistaking the symbols (numbers, letters, words) for the events, objects and circumstances they represent.

At the same time, an experience of organic sorrow continues to percolate through me. That is an experience no amount of words or "book study" can convey. Nor one which book study or exercises can truly prepare us for.

Religion: the re-connection of our "inner ligaments," the actual experience of a connecting tissue which allows us to share the energy of the divine. This actual experience--as opposed to the search for it, methodologies for achieving it, the discussion and analysis of it (as though, ultimately, such a thing were even possible--!)--that is what we seek.

I'd like to try to keep my senses--all of them--turned towards the inner on this trip, as best I'm able.

May our hearts be opened, and our prayers be heard.

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