Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We speak of "becoming available."

But what are we becoming available to? Why do we need to become available?

There is work, and then there is Work. Both are possible when one submits oneself to the discipline. But Work is only possible once one begins to understand how to distinguish between the two.

Becoming available has many levels of understanding within it. For a long time, the understanding of what this means is rather personal and, of course, largely intellectual. Under such conditions we ask questions with the mind. We don't realize that our efforts to penetrate understanding with this part of ourselves are pointless. In a way, the worst thing we can do is worry away at the ideas like a dog gnawing a bone. Sure, we do it. But we all know by now -- don't we? -- it doesn't work.

Ultimately, we become available in order to be changed enough that we can Work. And that Work consists of efforts unlike anything framed within the limited context of the form.

Work consists of an effort that may have roots in the Moon, but the leaves spread out towards the sun. It is a cosmological endeavor, that has very little to do with how we conceive of ourselves or our lives. It contains the entirety of our life within it, but it is so much larger than our life, so far as the incidents go, that ordinary life can be understood as a fragment. It is still part of what is necessary, but it is by far the smaller part.

Something much larger wishes to emerge, to manifest through us on this level.

It is always calling us.

We don't listen.

Well, I am tempted to say more on the subject, but I'm not going to. The trip has been long, the hours have been grueling, and I am headed home tomorrow. It's unlikely there will be another post before Thursday or Friday of this week.

Until then, readers, let us all be intimate with ourselves, love ourselves, and continually look for the subtle inner spark that can help ignite an organic sense of understanding and sensation.

May our hearts be opened, and our prayers be heard.

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