Thursday, October 30, 2008

the unexpected

I had a very nice-- a clever--post formulated when I took the dog for a walk this afternoon.

It was about our habit of seeing the glass as half empty in our work, and how limiting it is. Our own thoughts about how inadequate we are and how short we fall of anything real are not, themselves, real.

The difference between thinking we are inadequate and a real sense of our own nothingness is the difference between what emerges from the ordinary, and what comes from a higher level. We can never truly sense our own nothingness without the action of a much higher energy in us, one perhaps on the order of sex energy, that is, a hydrogen 12, but not si 12.

That understanding comes with a number of other experiences. Rather than describe them, I'm interested today simply in the understanding that there are other energies like sex energy, energies that powerful, but which have a completely different effect on the psyche of man, particularly the emotions.

Some people tend to take issue with me on this, but so much of the deepest part of inner work is an emotional experience -- or, if you will, a feeling experience, taking the "special" word that is used in the work to describe emotions from a higher level. And if we do not become more open to this deeper emotional contact with a level above us, everything we think about things is just that -- thinking.

We can think up anything we want. I have seen people think up things that reject absolute esoteric truths which I have encountered firsthand. They just aren't open to the possibility. I won't even go into the details. The point is that you cannot take truth, pour it out of your bottle into a glass, and let someone else drink it. The formatory thinking part prevents that. It's a barrier that nothing can get through, it lacks discrimination, and it's convinced it is right. (Well, you may not believe your thinking part is like that, but I have studied mine, it's exactly like that, and I rather suspect that yours is no different. My apologies if you think I'm wrong. LOL.)

I have this sneaking suspicion that some of the wrong work of sex center takes part right there, where we almost fanatically reject things using the mind.

Anyway, by now, maybe you have noticed that this post really has nothing to do with attitude, at least not the way I thought about it when I was walking the dog. It's about energy, and what we know about it.

What we know about it is absolutely nothing, and if the energy of the holy spirit arrives in us, it does so quite unexpectedly, like a revolution.

For reasons that are difficult to explain, passing on specific insights that are imparted by a revolution of this nature corrupts them. There are many things I feel quite interested in saying to people that I never, never say. The experience I had, for example, the second time I walked the dog today, which changed the character and intention of this post.

Is it because things must remain hidden? No, anything could easily be said. The problem is in the misconstruing. Once the misconstruing takes place, the game is over. If one does not leave enough space for others to discover on their own, one crushes their potential discoveries into packages that are too small and ideas that are too narrow.

For this reason, we must all go gently as we offer ourselves to one another. Small things presented with sensitivity can outweigh large ones delivered with bluster.

May your roots find water, and your leaves know sun.

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  1. Have you ever seen a real stobecon?

    Musicians use them to fine tune instruments because they show layers of spinning bands of circular overtones, and only when you get the whole thing to "stand still" are you perfectly in tune (of course the bands still rotate, but with coherence and in "tune" with one another.

    This is almost (dare I say perfect) picture of our centers.
    It's like little tree rings that spin and have little openings in them, unless the tree ring holes line up, impressions bounce off the closed layer, so impressions can bounce off the bark, the first inner layer, the second and so on.

    Inside, in the deepest layer there is the "Light of the Self". If ALL the layers line up in tune, then this light can emerge, otherwise we are just handpuppets.


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