Thursday, October 2, 2008


Personal considerations have made it difficult to find time to post of late. In addition , I have been traversing inner territory that doesn't lend itself to verbiage.

We spend such a great deal of time absorbing- through literature of one kind or another- the work ( or at least the ideas of work) of others that we may find it difficult to identify what is our own. It's particularly difficult to avoid the allure of powerful writers who put across ideas with conviction.

The only real contact with one's personal work arrives through, and begins with, the organism. If we aren't working first through relaxation and sensation, if we aren't discovering our work through sensation, then our sense of work is stunted.

To work through sensation leads us to a point where payment can begin to be made. We can't reach anything real without paying for it, and we cannot have anything lasting or significant without paying a lot.

The path through sensation, which opens connections between parts, is the only way to begin to understand payment. It may begin easily or even, indeed, ecstatically, but the deepening of the connection with the body inevitably awakens emotions which have no choice but to take on debts which must be paid in order to go forward. This is probably one of the reasons it's said that Christ was "a man well acquainted with sorrows."

As we travel on this path- from each according to his or her ability, to each according to their need-we gradually discover that the price is determined by-and exacted through-forces we cannot understand, but must eventually trust.

In this way we are like men who are asked to hand all their money over without being certain of what they may receive in return. This becomes an act of faith, rather than one of rational intelligence-

Which may explain why we resist it so.

May your roots find water, and your leaves know sun.

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