Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Help comes

Sojurns in China. From Hangzhou to Shanghai to Guangzhou--and now Shenzhen--immersed in the day to day of business life, taken (as usual, like all of us) by the trials and circumstances of the daily--ness of this life,

I see that support is needed.

Inner connections are always present and available in one form or another; for example, organic sensation rarely leaves. But such sensation is not enough.

Organic gratitude arises- but again, gratitude is not enough.

What is so often missing is the wish to be more present than through mind and sensation alone, and the willingness to make an effort.

The lack of self remembering is the chief factor behind this failure to make an effort, and a great deal of this lack is, I see, in the weakness of the mind.

Not the mind I ordinarily inhabit, that formless formatory tool, but a mind with impetus, with a force behind it.

The mind can begin to acquire some of this through an interest with--and food from--a more intimate connection with the organism, but my efforts at that, real though they are, are clumsy efforts-- beginner efforts. The fumblings of a child whose fingers cannot yet grasp a button or tie a shoelace.

In order for more to become possible, I see this morning, I must acknowledge that I cannot do. That the doing--should there be any--begins, and ends, with help from a higher power. And in order to become available to that I have to be willing to give up what I think I am. What I think I can do. The only things I do not have to give up, it would seem, are the patience to wait for help, and the recognition that help will come.

Do we really believe that- CAN we really believe that--

That help will come?

I bear personal witness to the fact that help comes. Of course, that can hardly be transmitted to another, but HELP DOES COME. When Mr. Gurdjieff told his pupils (as recounted in Frank Sinclair's "Without Benefit Of Clergy") to appeal personally to Christ for help, he was not offering us the HYPOTHESIS of help.

He was offering us the real, absolute, concrete FACT that such help can come if we ask for it. If you don't believe that such astral intercession is possible, well,


You're wrong.

I admit this idea may seem theoretical, farfetched, and distant to readers. I have never (and may never) offered a definitive public (i.e., blogged) explanation of how I came to know this. But I do not only know--even more importantly, I understand--that help can come.

For me, it is not a theoretical premise.

So today, in the midst of my own ordinariness and my own long, and boldly impatient, waiting, I pass this on to readers without embellishment or detail.

Just the simple fact that help comes.

May your roots find water, and your leaves know sun.


  1. yes, help can come, but only if you understand that it can come, otherwise it's accidental and a shot in the dark.

    i once made an appeal to jesus christ. i remembered the soldier's tale (no need for christ to go to the sick, under authority all that is needed is the command) and that there is no such thing as time or space (they are subjective inventions of the recieving apparatus), and I got instant help.

    many times i have been "saved" from physical death by the intercession of others, and intercession by my guardian angels, because i have taken lethal actions as part of my "work".

    our bodies are gloves. who is moving the fingers? better yet, our bodies are pencils; what are we writing with our lives? the ink is measured, and what we write is held in judgement for those who have entered the "work".

    No escape but in. No outer escape either; only in and through life.

    What are we "doing" with our lives; our "hanbledzoin"? That's the question.

    Of course "help" can come, but what is our "wish"?

    Better to leave the Genie in the bottle that make a mistake in this area.

    Blessings from somewhere on the Earth.


  2. I too bear personal witness to the fact that help comes. Help has to come because Help is under the operation of an objective law. The operation of this law was formulated by Jesus two thousand years ago with this objective pronouncement:

    "Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks will receive, and who who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to him who knocks."

    But do we have the simplicity to ask, seek, and knock?

    I once asked an old lady who had been in the Work for many years, and whom I respected very much, a very simple question: “To what do you compare what we are trying to do here?” Her answer was immediate and simple: “To a baby extending her arms to embrace her mother.” I liked what she said but I did not understand what she meant. Now, many years later, I am beginning to understand what she meant. What could be simpler than a baby extending her arms to embrace her mother? That is probably what Mr. Gurdjieff meant when he said: “I teach simple things. I teach that when it rains the pavements get wet.”


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