Thursday, December 20, 2007


...back from china... jet lagged, and with a demanding social schedule in fromt of me for the next two days.. it is difficult to find time to post. So there may not be a post tomorrow and today will be short.

This morning as I was sitting, it struck me that there is a phrase that might summarize my essential experience over the past six months... one that captures the taste of what I was trying to express yesterday in Korea.

It's possible to live so that as we experience it, life falls directly into the heart of our being.

As we seek to open the flowers that lie within us, we may--with grace--eventually discover that the one at the center of our body--the one concealed within the golden treasure-temple-- is the center of life, a mirror that reflects the center of the universe.

When we are present--with grace--then our life, as it arrives, falls into us like an arrow caught by gravity.

The arrow does not seek earth: it has no need to. It is drawn to the ground by an inherent force that attracts it.

This is another meaning for magnetic center. In the work, it is said, our level of being attracts our life.

This doesn't mean the gross events of life, the circumstances.

Rather, it refers to how we experience them.

That is, life begins to fall directly into the heart of our being.

May your roots find water, and your leaves know sun.

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