Wednesday, December 19, 2007

absolute immersion

Once again, from the airport lounge in Seoul... returning from yet another trip to China. These "posts in transit" have become something of a tradition for me. Today, however, I'm travelling with colleagues, so I'll keep it a bit brief.

Over the past two days the primary theme seems to be immersion. I find myself within this life, utterly immersed in the experience of sensation, the experience of exchange, the experience of taking in the myriad impressions which feed the progression of life.

Above all, the acceptance of the immediate conditions is required; the joyful acceptance, although, joy in this case does not "arrive" as a development, or exist because it is willed; rather, it is the inherent condition, the fundament from which the experience of life springs. Within this experience of life, if we work in a right way, it becomes possible to discover a condition within which everything begins from joy.

I don't speak here of exhilaration, or excitement, or anything we might call "ordinary;" instead, I speak of a deeper motive force, one with roots in the bedrock of reality itself--a positivist expression of truth, one that leads me to firmly believe that joy is within the heart of all Being, just as bliss--which is a different but no less vital component of life and being--supports us all.

Can we--do we-- seek that fountain of joy and that bliss that dwells within us?

This question may seem divorced from the drab technicalities and "severe" demands of Gurdjieff's work; it may seem equally far removed from the intensity of Dogen's doctrinaire demands; but in fact it is the essence of both these works, and all work in general.

If we are not working to attain this active, blessed relationship with the fundamental, universal source of Love,

...what are we working for?

And if we do not discover it, in the end, in the midst of life...

well then, where do we expect to encounter it?

The Way does not, as some might have it, begin after death--it dwells within life. Absolute immersion in life.

Much love to all of you--

May your roots find water, and your leaves know sun.

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