Friday, October 19, 2007

An interlude, and some word derivations

This summer, I spent some time on a sound team editing recordings of Peggy Flinsch reading "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson." Those recordings will be released to the public in a complete form sometime next year.

While I was involved with this project, I met and worked with Ted Lebar. Ted has spent a number of years doing research on the meaning of many of the unique words contained in the book. I asked him whether he could offer us any insight into some of the specific meanings of the words used for the descriptions of the society of Akhldanns.

His response is below, edited a bit, but otherwise essentially intact. Thanks to Ted for sharing some of his work with us.

Akhl, means wise, learned. Dan at the end, means ending to something like "belonging to a particular person, place, order or profession". This is Persian. This word exists also in Turkomen, and Armenian. It can also mean morality. So, sounds like "Society of wise or learned people, where morals are part of it.

(Armenian) accustomed, used to, inured, trained, usual and customary. Also, ordinary.

Fahs (for foh), means examining, investigating, inquiring.

Stratosovors, would they be studying something in the stratosphere?

(Ted did not have derivation for this word.)

Psychsovors sounds like a study of Psyche?

Harnosovors, in Armenian for harnosovors "
Harnuadz" means mixture, composition, temper or tempering, consanguity, relationship.

Mistesovors, are they studying mysteries of somekind?

Gez (Turkmen), means measure of distance. In Armenian, Gazmuti (for gezpadji) means construction, organization, order, formation, structure.

As to the word "Silkurnano," (means something akin to mathematics) there is nothing in any of the dictionaries in my possession.

Tomorrow we'll return to a discussion of the seven divisions of the society.

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