Sunday, September 2, 2007


Just a brief post today.

Yesterday while were were driving to Mohonk, my wife asked the question, "What is the work?

It's generally fashionable in the Gurdjieff work to pose such questions as conundrums, that is, unanswerable questions. I'm not very fashionable. I tend to believe there are straightforward answers to some things that do not deserve to be obfuscated.

To work is to take in the experience of our life.

Under "ordinary" conditions, we are asleep, and there is little awareness of the fact that we are within our lives, participating in our lives. The moment any level of consciousness which has a more specific appreciation of this experience appears, we are working--and, what is more, working in life, which is supposed to be the aim of the work.

So it ain't that hard to figure out, what "work" is.

What is difficult is to engage in it.

We need to find ourselves within this life.

Once we are here, we need to accept it, explore it, celebrate it. Breathe it in and out with joy.

And how do we do that?

We work within ourselves to create a unity.
We learn to be unconditional within our conditions.
We learn to offer ourselves wholeheartedly to what arrives.

Budding, opening, receiving. And then, something new is born.

May you find blossoms sweet with the scent of summer.

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  1. Hi Lee,

    Your words are sweet as blossoms...a beautiful evocation of what the work is. Gratitude.
    Here's my humble contribution :

    In Silence...

    KT The Fool


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