Saturday, May 5, 2007


We are vessels into which the world flows.

What does this mean?

Vessels are physical things; they hold material. In the famous parable, Christ said that you cannot pour new wine into old bottles; this "old bottle" of our Being as it stands is unable to take in and contain "new wine." So, in order to take in anything new we must find a new Being within ourselves.

It's easy for us to understand the idea of a vessel as the body. After all, this body is the physical tool we use to receive impressions of life. If "things"- impressions, new wine- are going to flow into anything, it must be the body- correct?


Then again, perhaps we could understand it a bit differently.

The vessel into which the world flows is not the body. To limit it to the confines and parameters of this piece of flesh, this "bag of skin and bones," is to lose sight of the essential character of experience, the essential nature of the receiving of the material into the vessel.

The vessel into which the world flows is, rather, consciousness itself. Our consciousness, our Being, is a container of what it receives.

So- in this light, consider it- what is the nature of a vessel?

Enough words. I will leave you to ponder this, and respectfully ask that, as you do so, you take good care.

I am off to China tomorrow, which will hopefully afford some opportunities for more active blogging.

Love to all of you,


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