Saturday, May 12, 2007

Elapsed time remaining

Elapsed time remaining

We live by wall-bound shadows,
Scraps of errant noise,
And a ticking, tocking, lorelei refrain.

Screw that. Come with me NOW,
Not later.

Let's drop facades and clothing,
Savor foreign tongues:
Take golden breaths in, deep
midnight wells with nectar.

Nor hesitate
When wanton, wind-blown sorrows come-
Drink fearless, everdeep, and taste
A fiery dervish bliss which gives no quarter.

And joy? I'll show you-
It's out there where we least expect it;
Hid beneath what look like rocks
With worms, and unburnt salamanders.

Why look for God?
You know for sure he's down there, too,
Still bare-ass-naked like a child.

What say?- Let's rush to join Him
Dip toes in moist dark loam.

After all,
There is not much elapsed time

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